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So hey,

My partner w4lrider is not going to have a place to live very soon.

Zed is very kind, and very sweet. Zed needs a place to live badly.

If any of you in the Kissimmee, Orlando, or St. Cloud area can give zed a place to stay until zed can join me in Texas when I move there, please please contact zed or me. Please.

I’m adding onto this for context.

My mom is moving to Indiana. Right now, I have no choice but to move with her. This is a problem because A: she is severely abusive, and B: moving means ripping me out of everything I know. I’m autistic so it’s very hard for me to deal with major changes, especially something like moving.

I’ve lived in this town my entire life. And yeah, it’s a shitty town, but everything I have is here. My only friend is here. I don’t want to leave him. Not now, at least.

I cannot live in Indiana. I hate it there. I already have depression and severe anxiety, which I’ve been progressively improving on, but moving will set back almost four years of progress. I can’t imagine being there without getting suicidal again. I don’t want that. I really don’t.

I don’t currently have a job or my license. I have my permit, and I was slowly learning how to drive. I was working on getting disability, but I suppose that case will be dropped soon. I’m willing to help out with chores or anything needed around the house, but I cannot financially provide. I’m sorry.

If you can help, or know anyone who can, please message me. I’m 20 years old, I shouldn’t need to follow my abusive mother anymore. 

GPG seems to have wiped her entire blog now. She took down the three random posts.

Thank you for pointing this out. I checked and it’s true; her archive is completely wiped, and nothing is there anymore, even on private.


gpg is posting again. repeat: gpg is posting again, this is not a drill! It's mostly reblogging some anti-abuse stuff w/o commentary, but it's something.

Where is she posting at? Her “main” blog has the most recent post being from January 2013.

If you’re referring to the three posts on her blog (theresalwaysalwayssomething) then those are old posts that, for some reason, she didn’t delete when she wiped her blog. -A

It’s odd to update so soon after the previous update, considering its subject matter, but this is just to confirm that GPG has been recently active on theresalwaysalwayssomething. So far all she’s done is change the layout, but we’re keeping a close eye on everything. -A

The point of doing any of this was to call out GPG’s blatantly abusive behaviour and to raise awareness so that people would know that she was not the safe space that she advertised herself to be, and to make it abundantly clear that abuse would not be met with passiveness.

At this point, she’s gone. As far as I or anyone else know, she isn’t on this site anymore, and so therefore anything else is really moot.

If she comes back, then this blog will be revived again to deal with that, but until then, there really isn’t much else to say.

Thank you to everyone who reblogged the signal boost or otherwise provided any sort of support during this.


You aren't publishing asks from those who criticize you. She could be dead.

There are two mods who answer the asks here. I created the blog. I am not one of the two. Both mods have their own lives to deal with, and they will get to the messages when they have time. The asks are not being unpublished for any reason beyond that.

I should also add that none of the criticism involves her abusive behaviour. The primary aim of this blog is to call out and expose GPG’s abuse of other survivors and followers and users in general. All of the criticism defends parts of her story, and doesn’t talk about her abuse. We’re not interested in proving or disproving her story, and we have stated that multiple times. All we’re concerned with is her abusive behaviour, and we will only respond to things concerning that. Also, she’s not dead, because she changed the layout of theresalwaysalwayssomething within the last half an hour (date of writing this is Feb 11th 2014). -A

once i posted on my blog under the 'abuse' tag, asking for advice from fellow survivors about dealing with a difficult trigger. gpg messaged me, i responded and explained my situation and she told me to self harm. thanks wow what a safe space!! i didn't, but i worry how many others have on her stupid misguided advice.

That’s disgusting. I can only imagine that you wanted advice that would’ve actually helped you, and that wouldn’t have hurt you, and I’m very sorry for your experiences.

By any chance, do you happen to have the messages saved, and if so, could you submit those?


Urissa's blog has been inactive for since the slash and burn. Has she been totally quiet this whole time?

As far as I know, she hasn’t been back.


I used to read this blog quite frequently but I haven't done so for a couple of months now, and I come back to find all of this. I've been trying to figure out exactly what happened by reading all the posts that have been made but I'm still quite confused. Is there anyway that you could explain what has happened from the beginning? Or link me to a post that explains it all? Thanks.

She switched the url of her blog and then deleted or made most of her posts private, which is why you can’t really see her anymore.

Basically, this is what happened. All links to her blog are broken, since it’s not there anymore, but everything else is the same.

Following that, I put together a signal boost with various links to instances of her abusive behaviour, and a lot of other people stepped forward with their own experiences of abuse around her, since her abusive behaviour has been a long running pattern.

Once she changed urls, someone snagged her old one and it’s since been being used as an archive since we were all getting too many questions on our personal blogs.

Was GPG herself sending the majority of anon hate? I noticed in the "car crash" incident, the asker identified her through her IP. In any case, she seems adept at controlling groupthink to her advantage.

I don’t know.

I know two people have said that they saw her on various IP trackers, but I don’t know if she’s the only one who sent anon hate or if she sent all of it.


Umm, on the nightmare post, would you really have to put a trigger warning for a post that was already in the "human trafficking" tag? That's a pretty big red flag already that you shouldn't read if you are triggered by the sex trade. that's a bit like putting a "TW: depression" on a post in the "suicide" tag.

She reblogged it, retitled it, and linked back to her story, without any mention of trigger warnings until the girl came back to her, asking GPG to call her followers off because she was getting hate and she didn’t even know what she’d done wrong.


I remember seeing that post that she reblogged about that nightmare that girl had (at a time when I was fully on her side) and kinda feeling uncomfortable about how harsh she was on that girl. :( I didn't realise how fucked up that was until now. Ugh, with all this shit being uncovered, I can't believe I was naive enough to trust her with intimate, personal information about my own history as a survivor of sexual abuse.

You aren’t alone; there were a lot of people who felt the same way about her, and who are feeling the same way now. She was good at twisting things around to make herself look righteous and as always being in the right and always being the victim, no matter what the circumstance were or what she had been doing.


The nightmare incident (possibly)

To the anon who didn’t want us to post that ask, we’ve read it, and if you’d like to send any more, we’ll keep receiving them and not publishing them.


does anyone have an archive of her videos by any chance? also, when did she delete/did something actually happen?? [I'm going through your blog now so pardon if this has been answered already]

I know some of her videos have been backed up, although I can’t remember by who. If you backed up any of GPG’s videos, I’d appreciate links of some sort.

She changed her url, then she made it inaccessible unless you put /mobile at the end of the url, then she went through and deleted and privatized almost everything, so it’s no longer visible.